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Fraxel® Skin Rejuvenation

Fraxel® Skin Rejuvenation


What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation/Photofacials?
Dr. Matta uses the Palomar Medilux to reduce pigmented lesions (sun spots or age spots), vascular lesions (broken blood vessels, rosacea, spider veins and cherry hemangiomas), melasma (dark spots on the face usually in response to UV light and pregnancy) and improve overall skin texture and body. It is also useful to reduce the appearance of scars.

What areas can be treated?
Although most common for the face, chest and hands, rejuvenation can be done anywhere on the body.

What should I expect after treatment?
Pigmented (dark) lesions will darken after treatment then fade away after about 10-14 days.  Vessels generally go grey immediately after treatment and then fade over the next couple of weeks. 

How many sessions will I need?
Most people will notice an improvement from even one session, but it is recommended to complete a course of 3-5 sessions over  a period of a few months. 

What are the risks?
As with any laser procedure, there is a small chance of first degree burn or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after treatment.  The risks are minimized by preparing properly and avoiding sun tanning for 6 weeks prior to treatment.  Click here for more details.


Pre and Post Treatment Instructions for Fraxel


  1. If you are having a facial treatment you can either come without makeup, or you will be asked to remove it when you arrive. If you wish, you can reapply your makeup immediately after treatment. (Most people decide not to, however.)
  2. You will be red and notice the greatest amount of swelling on the morning after treatment. The intensity and duration of these side-effects depends on the aggressiveness of your treatment and how you heal. It is best not to schedule this treatment within two weeks of an engagement for which you have concern about your appearance.
  3. Stop all active tanning, either from the sunshine or tanning booth, at least two weeks prior to treatment. There are no restrictions on the use of self-tanning products.
  4. Do not have any laser or other light-based treatments until your series of Fraxel® Laser Treatments is complete, unless approved by your our office.
  5. Do not have a Microdermabrasion within 2 weeks of treatment. There is no need to “thin” the top layer of your skin prior to your treatment.
  6. If you use products that contain glycolic acid, retinoids, or retinols; stop them 2 weeks prior to treatment.  Read the labels on all of your skin care products, including over-the-counter.
  7. Plan to use non-irritating and non-clogging skin care products for the first week or so after treatment. Examples of brands that offer very gentle and inexpensive products that are ideal to use: Aveeno®, Dove®, Neutrogena®, and Cetaphil®, etc. Use a moisturizer that has SPF 30+ sunscreen in it.
  8. If you take an oral medication for pain or anxiety, you will need someone to drive you home.
  9. Because your doctor is concerned about the possibility of hyperpigmentation after treatment, follow this bleaching regimen.  Stop it two days prior to treatment.
  10. For men, shave the morning of the treatment but do not apply any after shave or lotion to your face after.
  11. If you have a history of cold sores, take the following medication as instructed below.


  • All of your skin care products should be non-irritating and non-clogging for the first week or so after Fraxel Laser Treatment.
  • Proper and frequent application of sunscreen is very important. The sunscreen should offer broadband protection (UVA and UVB) and have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more. You should first apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside, and again, immediately before. After that, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours. If direct sun exposure is necessary, wear a hat and clothing that covers the treated area. Use this regimen during the healing period and always.
  • Remember that peeling and/or flaking is normal during the healing process. Therefore, the product should be non-irritating and non-clogging, else you could develop breakouts.  During the healing period your normal moisturizer may be too occlusive, so consider products from the brands listed above. Instead of using 2 separate products, use moisturizers that contain SPF30+. Reapply whenever your skin feels dry.
  • Your skin will be sensitive for the first week or so after treatment, so do not use products that will cause irritation during this time. Do not use abrasive scrubs, toners, or products that contain glycolyic acids or Retin A. Read the product labels.
  • Discontinue using any types of bleaching cream while your skin is tender.
  • Resume your normal skin care regimen when your skin has fully healed.

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Who wouldn’t want to have younger, healthier looking skin?  My patients commonly express this concern.  Whether it is sun damage, acne scars, melasma, fine wrinkles or surgical scars, we have a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments to help you look and feel your best. 

Fraxel is a fractionated laser, which delivers light energy to the skin in narrow columns, treating only a specified percentage of the targeted skin.  This compares to conventional lasers which deliver the energy in a continuous manner that covers the entire surface of the treated area.  This makes Fraxel® incredibly safe and reduces down time compared to conventional treatment. This “fractional” treatment allows your body to heal the skin faster than if the entire area were treated at once.

My experience with the Fraxel has been that it gives patients a general “glow”, where their skin looks radiant and alive.  It works very well in reducing acne and surgical scars. It is important to understand that nothing can eliminate a scar completely, but the Fraxel has been the most effective treatment I can offer patients thus far, especially when combined with fillers.  Even after one session, patients notice an improvement, which continues to get better with each subsequent treatment.  Most patients need 3-5 treatments. Best results are achieved by combining Fraxel with our professional skin care products and facials.

Melasma (dark patches on the cheeks or other parts of the face, usually after hormonal triggers such as birth control or pregnancy) is a very common problem for patients in my practice and the Fraxel is FDA approved for melasma treatment. Since melasma can be a chronic condition, it is especially important to pre treat the face prior to Fraxel and maintain proper sun care after treatment. 

Fraxel is also approved by the FDA for the treatment of fine wrinkles. Patients notice an immediate improvement (within a month) and see further improvement over 3-9 months thanks to the fact that it stimulates collagen production in the skin. Many clinics do treatments once a month, which can be useful if you are treating skin discoloration only.  I find that most patients benefit from a series of 3-5 treatments spaced 3-6 months apart, especially for wrinkles and scars.

Treatment for sun damaged skin includes topical creams, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy and Fraxel.  Most patients notice improvement within one or two sessions.  Since the Fraxel is working below the surface, it stimulates production of healthier skin and therefore has a longer lasting effect than other options. 

Down time is manageable with 3-7 days of redness and minimal swelling that can be covered by makeup.  Call our office for your personalized consultation.

Fractora™ is an advanced fractional radio-frequency re-surfacing treatment available on the Body Tite™ platform to improve skin tone and texture. Fractora™ can be used to reduce wrinkles, scars, skin discoloration and broken blood vessels. The most common areas of treatment include the eyelids, smoker’s lines, cheeks, neck, hands and chest. The tummy is a favorite of patients to reduce stretch marks.

Fractora™ offers improvements for the broadest range of signs of aging skin, all with one treatment. From as early as the age of twenty, skin cells regenerate at a slower rate causing the skin to appear dull and thinner.  As skin ages, collagen and elastin levels drop, causing a noticeable reduction in skin tightness and firmness.

One of the advantages of Fractora™ is the minimal downtime compared to conventional treatment options.  When used in combination with the Environ line of products and sonophoresis, results are even quicker and more dramatic.


- Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

- Reduce stretch marks

- Tighten all layers of skin

- Reduce red & brown spots

- Improve skin texture

- Reduce pore size

Airgent™ Collagent Stimulation
Airgent™ is a safe, long-term skin remodeling treatment that begins to reverse the visible signs of aging and makes your skin look younger.  Airgent treatments stimulate collagen production to thicken and revitalize the skin, leaving it feeling smoother, well-hydrated and supple.

Airgent™ improves the appearance, laxity and texture of skin and is ideal for:

Lifting and tightening the neck area 

Improve stretch marks

Reducing fine wrinkles

Aging hands

Improving loose skin around the knees and elbows

Revitalizing aged, dehydrated skin

Enhancing natural features

Improving acne and surgical scars

Reducing peri-orbital wrinkles

Concealing noticeable veins

Mini “face-lifts”

Non-invasive neck lift

Photofacials (Intense Pulse Light Therapy)
Laser skin rejuvenation, or a photofacial as it is commonly called, uses intense pulsed light (IPL) energy to treat age spots, rosacea and spider veins (broken blood vessels). In addition to the surface blemishes, IPL helps reduce fine lines on the face and chest.

Treatments generally take less than half an hour and is described as an elastic band snapping on the skin. After treatment, the skin usually feels warm like a mild sunburn, similar to after a laser hair removal (link to LHR page) session for a couple of hours. There may be a mild flaking of the spots as they fall off which is easily concealed with makeup. Most patients like to do the treatment on a Friday and return to work Monday looking refreshed. Results are seen immediately after the first treatment, with an improvement in sun damage, and troublesome blood vessels. Fine wrinkles take 3-6 months to start to improve and respond best when combined with Fraxel skin rejuvenation (hyperlink to Fraxel section if possible).

To prolong and enhance the benefits of photofacials to sun damaged skin, it is important to maintain proper skin care with products such as Environ® AVST (link to Skin Care page).

TriFractional’s three pulse fractional technology provides safe and effective skin resurfacing, with minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime. TriFractional energy creates micro wounds in the skin's surface, which trigger the body's natural healing response mechanism and therefore creating healthy skin tissue. The TriFractional treatments have been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, contour and lift the face, tighten and firm the skin, improve the appearance for scars and stretch marks and minimize skin pigmentation. 

Selphyl Corrective Therapy
Selphyl is a platelet rich treatment that involves using a patient's own plasma to improve stretch marks, acne scars, fine lines and general skin healing. One of the advantages of Selphyl is that it is completely natural and has the lowest risk of side effects or allergic reactions.  Selphyl is probably the safest treatment option for tear troughs, the hollowness under the eyes, and in my experience has been very beneficial.  Tear troughs are a difficult area to treat with any approach, and other treatments are limited in benefit.  Selphyl gives us a new, safe and effective treatment option.  

Acne scars and stretch marks are equally challenging conditions.  While no treatment can eliminate scars completely, Selphyl in combination with other treatments such as Airgent™ or Fractora, can significantly improve the scars.  With the dual treatment, patients usually notice improvement after the first treatment and continue to improve over the next 2-3 sessions, spaced 6-12 weeks apart.  

The micro-needling procedure using the Environ® suite of products is a revolutionary approach to anti-aging through stimulating the body’s own natural collagen production processes. This procedure both facilitates and stimulates the skin’s natural repair and growth processes without causing any scarring or permanent damage to the skin and significantly improves skin tone, texture and impurities. 

Micro-needling with the Environ® Medical Roll-CIT® procedure utilizes and enhances the body’s own natural response to healing. When hundreds of tiny needles contact the dermis using a roller, the inflammatory healing mechanism is triggered and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin.

Collagen Therapy is an effective non-ablative procedure to reduce wrinkles, lines, skin crepiness, acne scarring and stretch marks, lighten pigmentation marks and encourage the disappearance of dilated blood vessels, all without damaging the top layer of your skin. 

Vitamins A and C are critical to Collagen Therapy. The tiny micro needles of the roller puncture the top level of the epidermis, which is the main obstacle to penetration of active ingredients. After the rolling process, vitamins A and C are then applied and can penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis. The higher the levels of vitamin A and C, the more collagen can be made. This process is proven to be more effective than simply applying the products topically.

The Environ® Medical Roll-CIT® procedure consists of multiple sessions depending on the condition of the skin, scars or skin damage as well as the size of the area being treated. Ranging from a recommended course of 1 to 3 treatments for skin rejuvenation, or to up to 6 treatments for deep pitted scars. Most treatments take less than 45 minutes and are done 2-4 weeks apart. The treatment area must be prepared with Vitamin A and C a minimum of two weeks prior to the first Collagen Therapy treatment. The entire Collagen Therapy procedure consists of these in-clinic sessions, as well as a home care treatment.


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